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Today, more than ever, Canadians need assistance in planning for retirement, but they can't do it alone.  Employer-sponsored retirement plans play a critical role in providing valuable and cost-effective ways to save for retirement. Implementing a plan is one of the most significant benefits you can provide them in their lifetime.

Let us show you ways to add value to your existing compensation package with affordable and meaningful solutions.

A group retirement plan helps your employees navigate the complex and often frustrating world of investment planning. By implementing a program that makes saving easy, with tools that guide and instruct, you've turned that worry into peace of mind.

How We Do It

  • Establish corporate retirement planning goals & objectives
  • Cost analysis and compensation review
  • Employee workshops & investment planning seminars
  • Manage the capital accumulation plan guidelines to highest industry standards
  • Use retirement tools to manage & reward your best & brightest employees

What We Do

  • Create cost effective & valuable retirement savings tools
  • Engage employees in their retirement planning future
  • Manage fiduciary risk and responsibility
  • Provide specialty executive retirement plans