Chances are you know someone who has been affected by cancer,
a heart attack, or a stroke. And when the diagnosis or illness strikes, most people realize they aren't as financially prepared as they thought, leaving both the employee and employer feeling stressed
and helpless.

We want to relieve that burden. Crillion has partnered with leading critical illness and medical-intervention specialists to help reduce the burden of unexpected illnesses with proactive solutions. Through our association
with The Benefits Alliance we can provide peace of mind and assist employees and their families through these difficult times. 

Allstate Group Critical Illness


On average, 524 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer every day. Heart disease and stroke continue to be the second leading cause of death in Canada and a leading cause of disability. By introducing an Allstate Critical Illness benefit to your employees, you will provide a value-added benefit that offers best in class coverage. 


Why offer Critical Illness?

  1. Enhances Current Benefits Program. Critical Illness offers advantages such as preferred underwriting, guaranteed issue and affordable rates.
  2. Helps Protect Employees' Finances. Employees understand the potential economic hardship a critical illness could have on their personal finances. This product helps provide a “safety net” against life’s unexpected moments – and you can help deliver peace of mind to your employees by incorporating this product into your benefits program.
  3. Improves Employee Satisfaction.  A strong total benefits package aids in attracting and retaining quality employees in today’s competitive workforce. It is an easy and sensible way to show your employees you care about protecting their health and their financial wellbeing.

Medical intervention specialists:
RuperT Case Management

Since the early 90's RCM has been providing real time medical intervention and second opinions for serious medical situations. Clients call when they, a family member, or an employee have a complex health problem that is unresolved. RCM mobilizes quickly to provide the clinical leadership, care co-ordination and advocacy needed for managing all the details of client's cases.

RCM will arrange for expert second opinions accessing RCM’s proprietary TOP DOCS Canada network. This network has over 2,300 experts from the leading centers of excellence - Hopkins, Harvard, Duke, Sloan Kettering, UCLA and the Mayo Clinic. RCM can organize case conferences with these experts and invite the client's doctors to participate.

RCM Cancer Assist is a unique and comprehensive program for patients with cancer. The program addresses complex problems with personalized solutions. RCM arranges for advanced testing such as molecular profiling of the cancer. This allows for the determination of the most appropriate treatment protocols. RCM has over 500 oncology/cancer experts available for timely second opinions and expert advice.

why Retain Rupert Case Management?

  • Timely responses and quickly mobilized high-impact team to address client's concerns
  • Personalized action plan to ensure continuity of care
  • Central co-ordination and management of all details
  • Assistance with decision making and planning
  • Knowledgeable team that is responsive and accountable 
"I was a patient of the team at Rupert Case Management. I had a very serious life threatening condition. Rupert Case Management was not only an essential part of my treatment and recovery. The team helped to save my life!" A.M.

"I have no doubt that Rupert Case Management saved my life. They helped me negotiate the complex world of specialist and surgical referrals, treatment options, medical imaging, and out-of-country treatment. I am amazed how quickly things got done! Advice and council are highly valued, and knowing that this expertise and network are a phone call away is very comforting." C.B.