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Introducing co-pays and implementing drug maximums are not the only options available to reduce drug expenditures. Let us show you how mail-order pharmacies, innovative formularies and pharmaceutical reimbursement plans can be effecitive tools for lowering costs. 

Mail-Order Pharmacy

Alliance Pharmacy Group Inc. is a fully accredited Mail-Order Pharmacy with operations in B.C and Ontario, servicing all of Canada. With convenient delivery, reduced co-payments and 90-day supplies it can help to reduce overall drug costs.

How Employees Save Money

  • Significantly lower markups and dispensing fees
  • Ensure patients on chronic maintenance medications are filled in optimized quantities (90-day supplies)
  • Provide Therapeutic Alternative counselling to transition patients to lower cost drug options that treat the same illness or disease when approved by the patient and their prescriber (never unilaterally)

    Why Use Alliance Pharmacy?

    • Free Delivery - Convenient next business day courier to almost anywhere in Canada. 
    • Privacy - Your privacy and confidentiality are the highest priority. AP initiates private patient counselling by phone.
    • Refill Reminders - Receive refill reminders by email, text or phone before you run out.
    • Save Money - Always competitive dispensing fees and drug pricing that may save money on your co-payments. 

    Supplemental Drug Cards

    Most group insurance plans provide coverage for generic drugs equivalent drugs only. For those who prefer
    the brand-name version of a drug, we recommend taking advantage of the following supplemental drug card programs that will work in addition to your current plan. These cards can offset the cost of choosing the brand name drug alternative, and allow for greater flexibility. Both of these cards are free of cost and allow you to continue using brand name drugs without any out-of-pocket expense because the programs are fully funded
    by the pharmaceutical companies. While both programs are similar, each represents a different set of drugs,
    so depending on your circumstance you may wish to bring both with them to the pharmacist.