Human Resources

Effective management of Payroll and HR are the pillars of every business, yet they are often handled by employees wearing more than one hat. We will ensure that our only focus is you and your employees. We have a variety of surveys from employee engagement to employee benefit/compensation surveys as well as many policies we have drafted for your convenience. We also provide quarterly newsletters to ensure you are kept up to date with changes that might affect your organization. 

What We Do:

  • Offer on-boarding packages and templates for your hiring needs
  • Provide layoff guidelines and layoff communication template
  • Submit employee surveys for your employees and analyze results
  • Provide policies that cover you as an employer from any legal issues that may arise in the workplace
  • Send out Quarterly Newsletters about legislative changes, work culture and information to enhance your workplace
  • Contribute out knowledge and expertise to situations you may encounter such as hiring, firing, disability, etc.

How We Do It:

  • Assess your organizational needs
  • Understand the needs of your employees
  • Help improve organizational culture