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Health Care Spending Accounts are a tax effective way to pay for your employees health and dental expense. It can fit into your existing insurance plan to pay for things not covered or limited by maximums, or it can simply be a stand-alone solution. Cut the red tape, high costs and antiquated processes associated with traditional insurer-based Health Care Spending Accounts and  experience a flexible, digital and simple independent solution.

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There are many considerations to look at when deciding what benefit strategy you want to use. As an employer, you want to give your employees comprehensive options, but at a price that is affordable for you. National HealthClaim's health spending account is an innovative, digital, and seamless stand-alone benefit that your employees will appreciate. Whether you have an existing benefit plan that has become unmanageable or no benefit plan at all, a spending account managed externally by NHC, is a fixed cost to you and promotes a balanced lifestyle.


No monthly fees

A health spending account has no monthly premium or annual rate increases. This is unlike traditional plans that charge a monthly premium for each enrolled employee, even if they do not use the plan. Admin fees are capped at 10%

Custom Plan

You set the predetermined limits for your employees and only pay for the expense plus a 10% admin per actual claim submitted. Pay into the plan only as claims are made. Choose different benefit categories, set new hire limitations like waiting period and pro-rating. 

More Coverage

Employees get reimbursed 100% of an eligible expense up to their account limit. No more deductibles, co-payments and  maximum limits on certain expenses. Full control over benefit limits, features like credit carry forward and the ability to turn on new hire restrictions as needed.


The Employee Experience

  1. Download the Mobile App
    • On Apple or Android
  2. Take Pictures of your Receipt
    • No need to fill out any forms or mail anything! One click of a button sends in your receipts.
  3. Log into your Account
    • Just three business days to see your new claim created. Review notes to see if you need to send anything else. If so — just snap another picture!

Online Access | Submit claims online | View eligible expenses | Sign up for direct deposit | Check remaining balance