It is estimated that employees lose up to 23 days every year due to work-related stress.  Stress isn't always the big things - it can range from serious family issues, to the constant juggling of day-to-day responsibilities.  We believe employees should have the right tools to manage the unique aspect of their lives.

Employees love cool technology. LifeWorks Premium is a beautifully crafted platform that unites your company though innovative rewards, social recognition, powerful communication and comprehensive support.

LifeWorks Website & Mobile App. High utilization achieved through a beautifully designed user experience

24/7/365 Clinical Support. Mental health problems, including non-clinical diagnoses like stress and burnout, are estimated to cost Canadian employers $33 billion annually in lost productivity. LifeWorks delivers support and resources to promote emotional well-being

Colleague Directory. Promote instant communication between teams with a company-wide Colleague Directory

    Wellness Programs. Help employees identify risks and improve health through risk assessment, health coatching, online workshops, trackers and challenges


    Private Social Network. Research by the McKinsey Global Institute found that using social tools to boost communications can raise productivity by 25%

    Work Wellness. Create a sense of community with social recognition and a private social network

    Social Recognition. According to Gallup's Full Bucket Research, a lack of recognition is the number one reason employees leave their job

    Online Shopping. Offer your employees a seamless, easy-to-use experience to save money


    Perkopolis is Canada’s leading provider of fully managed discount programs in use by over 1500 Canadian organizations. Perkopolis' turnkey Perk Programs enable corporations, associations, property managers and retailers to provide a powerful attraction and retention tool at no cost and with minimal administrative overhead.

    The Perk Programs have no setup fees, no administration fees, and no per-employee fees. Qualified organizations get access to the full range of discounts, benefits and value-added services, backed by bilingual Perkopolis concierge team.

    With Perkopolis, your employees, members, customers or tenants gain advantages not found with traditional discount programs, including:

    Exclusive Perks

    Priority access to exclusive discounts and value-added services that are fully managed by Perkopolis

    Easy-to-use Technology

    Powerful yet easy-to-use Perkopolis platform can be implemented in a matter of days and maintained with a minimal time commitment

    Concierge Support

    Personalized bilingual customer support from Perkopolis' concierge team via phone, live online chat and email

    Single Source Fulfillment

    Single source fulfilment of your organization’s discounts and value-added services… Perkopolis manages, delivers and supports every aspect of your organization’s experience