Benefits programs are constantly evolving to fit employee needs in the ever changing prescription drug market.   We are excited to offer our plan members a new innovative program, RxHelp ONE™.  The program, sponsored by pharmaceutical manufacturers, is a patient choice program covering dozens of medications and allows you to remain on participating brand medications at little or no additional cost versus the generic alternative. 

The program is free, and intended to give you a choice to remain on brand name medications.  It will not impact your current medications where no generic formulation is available.   

To view a complete list of medications available on the program go to  Click on the medications you are taking. It will automatically generate a list you can take to your pharmacist.       

The innoviCares program is a free patient benefit plan that provides coverage for a variety of medications, plus savings on many healthcare products - giving you a greater access and choice.

  • No cost to you or your benefit plan

  • Benefits for chronic conditions like diabetes and pain

  • Coordinates seamlessly with your primary drug plan

  • Greater access to medications and health care products

  • Helps alleviate many financial barriers when
    choosing brand-name medications

  • Provides coverage for members that don't have private insurance plan

Follow the innovicares link to set up your plan today!